Drift Away
Uncle Kracker and Dobie Gray

Favorite food Sausage and extra cheese pizza…don't forget the oregano!
Favorite drink Laguna Splash smoothie at Juice Shack
Favorite color Blue
Favorite actor Vince Vaughn
Favorite book Dune by Frank Herbert
Currently reading Latest Brent Farris e-mails
Cause I most believe in Families
What makes me see red Bad Californian drivers
Favorite sport Baseball - eamus catuli! - Go Cubs!
Favorite song Anything "80's"
My first rock concert (gulp) Air Supply
Favorite TV show past/present Star Trek and Fringe
Person I most admire My family
You'd be surprised that I Dream of writing music for the orchestra
Favorite sports car Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S
If I could have any job, what would it be? An actor on a sci-fi series
Quality I admire most/least in a person Niceness/Dishonesty
First paying job Working maintenance for the schools
Favorite junk food Hot chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven (got milk?)
I would like to star in the remake of Animal House
If I weren't in radio, my career would be? What career?
First crush Christine in the third grade (we are still in touch through Facebook!)
Pet peeve People not following through on promises
My most embarrassing moment When I asked a girl out and she said she had to wash her dog ... and she didn't have a dog!
My first car '86 Chevy Camero
Greatest achievement Being a good friend
Most treasured possession a needlepoint sampler made by my great, great, great grandmother in 1831!
My best quality Creativity
My worst quality I don't like veggies! Eww.
If I could live anywhere it would be Right here in Sonoma County
Dumbest thing I ever did Spend too many winters in Illinois
Smartest thing I ever did Move to Sonoma County