Favorite food Oysters
Favorite drink Martini extra dry with two olives
Favorite color Gold
Favorite movie Fatal Attraction
Favorite actor The tough and angry Russell Crowe
Favorite book People Magazine ... That's my kind of book
Currently reading People Magazine
Cause I most believe in Increasing alimony two-fold
What makes me see red Not having a Nordstrom in Sonoma County
Favorite sport Spin the bottle - At a Coed Pleasure Party
Favorite song Material Girl or Man-eater…Tough call!
Favorite group AC/DC - "Big Balls "
Favorite singer Madonna
My first rock concert Ozzy Osborne
Favorite TV show
Person I most admire Me!
You'd be surprised that My kids are still alive and breathing
Favorite sports car Stutz BearCat
If I could have any job,
what would it be
Mine…without the work
Quality I admire most/
least in a person
First paying job Still looking
Favorite junk food Chocolate
I would like to star
in the remake of
"Earth Girls Are Easy"
If I weren't in radio,
my career would be
First crush Orange and it is still my favorite flavor
Pet peeve Anything that doesn't revolve around me
My most embarrassing
Everyday working with Brent Farris
My first car was Toyota Supra…brand new
Greatest achievement Still searching
Most treasured possession My Diamond jewelry; and my kids
My best quality Selflessness, Honesty and Generosity
My worst quality I am a liar
If I could live anywhere
it would be
In my own fantasy land
Dumbest thing I ever did What? Still searching…
Smartest thing I ever did Dye my hair!