I'm Gonna Love You Just A Li
Barry White

Favorite food Chinese
Favorite drink Diet Pepsi
Favorite color Rose
Favorite movie "Man Who Would Be King"
Favorite actor Sean Connery
Favorite book Jane Eyre
Currently reading Courage Under Fire
Cause I most believe in Animal Rights
What makes me see red Rude drivers
Favorite sport Skiing
Favorite song "You Are So Beautiful To Me" by Joe Cocker
Favorite group The Beatles
Favorite singer Tina Turner
My first rock concert Rolling Stones in the '60's
Favorite TV show past/present I Love Lucy & Knightrider/X-files
Person I most admire My mother
You'd be surprised that I Love quick naps
Favorite sports car Mercedes Benz 280 SL
If I could have any job, it would be? Doctor
Quality I admire most/least in a person Hard workers/lazy people
First paying job Fotomat
Favorite junk food Popcorn
I would like to star in the remake of "Gone With The Wind"
If I weren't in radio, my career would be? Doctor
First crush Richard Chamberlain
Pet peeve Answering machine hang-ups
My most embarrassing moment First time in 49er locker room
My first car '56 Chevy
Greatest achievement My sports career
Most treasured possession My dogs, Shasta and Rocky
My best quality Thoughtful
My worst quality Procrastination
If I could live anywhere it would be Lake Tahoe
Dumbest thing I ever did Bought a Harley Davidson
Smartest thing I ever did Sold it