Help a Family this Season
At KZST we recieve so many letters that we can't read them all on the air. So we are posting them here for you to read and adopt. If you find one you would like to help please print the letter and Click Here for the instruction sheet.
Make sure you call us at 528-4434 and tell us the letter number you choose. Thank you for being someone's Secret Santa!

Letters to Santa
buttons Two Boys Want Toys
buttons Four Kids and Mom Need Christmas
buttons Disabled Widow Wants Christmas for Grandkids
buttons Girls Dream of Bikes
buttons Boys Want Bikes So They Can Ride To School
buttons Two Girls Want Uggs Little Princess Wants Toys
buttons 4 Kids Want Clothes and Toys
buttons Kids Want Bikes
buttons Family in Need Wants Christmas
buttons Poor Grandpa Wants Gifts for Grandkids
buttons One Kid Needs Christmas
buttons Three Children Need Christmas Toys
buttons Three Boys One Girl Want Clothes and Toys
buttons Family of Four Need Help
buttons Family Looking For Christmas
buttons Single-Mom with 3 Boys Want Anything
buttons 3 Boys, 2 Autistic Sons Need Christmas
buttons 7, 5, and 2 Year-Old Kids in Need
buttons My Three Sons
buttons Disabled Child and 2 Sibs
buttons Children Want Christmas
buttons 12, 1, and 8 Year Old Kids Want Toys
buttons 6 Year-Old, Toddler, and Newborn
buttons 10 Year-Old Wants Happiness and Peace …and Toys
buttons Humble Woman Wants Help for Christmas
buttons Eight Children Need Clothes and Toys
buttons Poor Family Needs Help From Santa’s Elves
buttons Two Kids and a Baby Need Clothes
buttons 14 Month Old Baby Dreams of Minnie Mouse
buttons Three Kids Want Tech Toys
buttons Single-Mom with 6 and 12 Year Old Kids
buttons Two Kids Want Legos and World Domination…OK Just Monopoly
buttons Kids Have Faith in Christmas
buttons Small Kid Has Big Dreams...of iPad Mini
buttons 3 Kids Want Christmas Cheer
buttons 2 Kids 2 Adults Want Clothes and Music
buttons Four Kids Who Deserve Christmas
buttons Single-Mom with Two Boys
buttons Parents Need Clothes For 5 Kids
buttons Three Kids Never Known a Christmas
buttons Grandpa Wants Christmas For Grandkids
buttons Girls Living in Garage Need Help
buttons Grandkids want iPad
buttons Family of 5 Wants Bikes
buttons Family of 8 Need Christmas
buttons 4 Kids Ages: 15, 12, 7, And 3 Want Toys
buttons 12 Year-Old Wants Grand Theft Auto 5
buttons 3 Boys, 2 Girls Write Secret Santa
buttons Single Mom Raising 5 Kids
buttons Family of 6 Want Christmas Dinner
buttons Disabled Mother Raising 3 
buttons 4 Kids Want Toys
buttons Parents Want Christmas For Kids
buttons Three Girls: 7, 9, and 15
buttons Newborn Needs Crib
buttons Kids Need Toys
buttons Kid With No Parents Wants Bike
buttons Family Needs Clothes And Toys

If you are having trouble opening a file it may have already been adopted. The Head Elf is working very hard to update the page in a timely manner... Thank you for your patience!
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