Help a Family this Season
At KZST we recieve so many letters that we can't read them all on the air. So we are posting them here for you to read and adopt. If you find one you would like to help please print the letter and Click Here for the instruction sheet.
Make sure you call us at 528-4434 and tell us the letter number you choose. Thank you for being someone's Secret Santa!
Write a letter to Secret Santa CLICK HERE.
Make an online donation to Secret Santa and know that 100% of your donation goes to help local people in need celebrate the holidays! CLICK HERE.
Learn more about Secret Santa CLICK HERE.

Letters to Santa
buttons Two Boys 8 & 13
buttons Teen Parents Need Toddler Bed
buttons 10 Year Old Boy Writes Letter For Mom And Sis
buttons 8 Year old Girl
buttons 5 Kids Under 10
buttons Mother of 3 Needs Help
buttons 3 Kids Under 10 Love Seahawks
buttons Homeless Mom with 13 Year Old and Baby
buttons My 4 Sons
buttons Single Mom Needs Food, Gas, and Toys
buttons Young Couple With Baby Need Warm Clothes
buttons 3 Boys Under 10
buttons 3 Year Old Loves Frozen
buttons Pokemon, Legos, Baby Toys, and Frozen
buttons Frozen and Thomas The Train Please
buttons Warm Clothes and Wii for 2 Kids
buttons Family with 3 Kids
buttons 6 Year Old Girl Doesn't Have Many Clothes
buttons 6 Year Old and Baby Need Christmas
buttons 3 Boys, Ages 12-3 Need Warm Clothes
buttons 3 Year Old and 1 Year Old Want Christmas Joy
buttons 2 Year Old Wants Tricycle
buttons Roller Skates, Skate Board, Basketball Please
buttons 4 Year Old and Baby
buttons Bike, Frozen, Arts and Crafts
buttons 4 Kids Need Toys and Warm Clothes
buttons Scooter and Dominoes for 2 Kids
buttons Movies and Frozen for 2 Kids
buttons Music, Art, and Cooking for Kids
buttons Warm Clothes and Shoes for Kids
buttons 2 Bikes and a Trike

If you are having trouble opening a file it may have already been adopted. The Head Elf is working very hard to update the page in a timely manner... Thank you for your patience!
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