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Here's How To Get Started

1. Your Message

Provide information about, and details of your message. The message is limited to 60 seconds or less which is about 150 words. Our announcer will read it live and may edit it if necessary to give it more impact. Check out What you need to know before you compose your message.

2. Pick a Category

  • Birthday & Valentines Wishes, Congratulations,-$50
  • Garage Sales-$50
  • Obituaries-$50
  • Jobs Wanted-$50
  • Non-Profit PSA-$50
  • Retail Ads-$100
  • Employer Ads-$100

3. Pick a Time

Messages are aired approximately 5 minutes before the top of the hour and there is only one per hour. If there are no times listed, that means that the time has been taken or there are no messages available for that hour or day.

4. Get Started

Click the blue button below and you will be guided though the process. Your credit card payment will be processed at the end. Tell your friends to listen to KZST 100.1 FM for your message, and as an added bonus your message will be broadcast to our worldwide listening audience at KZST.COM.



KZST Instant Message: What You Need To Know

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