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Meet Bronx!

Name: Bronx

Age:  4 year old

Weight: 55 lbs

Breed: German Shepherd

KZST Pet of the Week

Big Apple Boy Searchin For Slow Country Life

My name is Bronx and not for nothin’ but I’m a pretty cool guy. Real Talk tho, I do start friendships off on the shy side, I like to move slowly at first, but my buddies’ll tell ya, once I’m comfortable…I’m the real goofball of our gang, Facts. I may have that chill guy east coast vibe, but truth is I like the slower side of life, ya know? I’ve taken a bite of that big apple and I’m lookin’ for vineyard grapes now my guy, I’m not clownin’. Give me sunshine and quiet country roads any day. So what’s good Sonoma County? Where my homies at?

My favorite activities include playin’ ball, goofin’ off and takin’ nice strolls with my buds, because “Hey! I’m walkin’ here!” and I want to keep it movin’, Ok Boss? I’m lookin’ to find myself a best friend in town, someone who I can plant roots with, someone mad cool who likes handsome, playful, fun guys. So, if I sound like your new best bro, then shlep on over to HSSC and ask for yo boy Bronx. And if that ain’t you, then Fuhgeddaboutit, there’s plenty of pups at the pound ya feel me? Ayooooo

Want to know more? Just check out my very handsome photo, then call HSSC at 707-542-0882 and make it official here!



To view my profile: Click Here.



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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week


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