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It's About Compassion!

I was thinking for my first blog I'd talk about our recent day of remembrance (Oct. 9th). I call it a day of remembrance because to call it an anniversary wouldn't tell the story. You celebrate an anniversary therefore I consider it a day of remembrance. It was by no means an easy time with all the wildfires and the tragedy that ensued. I remember it well - close friends losing their homes, people losing their business they worked and built from the ground up to losing a listener in the Journey’s End Mobile Home Park a block from the radio station. 


Well, it brought back some good memories too, mainly positive. The resilience concert at Montgomery Village, where we came together as a community and witnessed people helping people and a lot of the time they didn't even have the means to do so. I guess the word I'm looking for is compassion, we had compassion. I got to see this all over again when we were all getting ready for the PG&E shut downs the first time.


The scene was crazy! People were calling me to tell me about how bad the gas lines were, the grocery stores were running low on a lot of items and to say we weren't scared would be an understatement! I experienced this first hand as I had six miles to go on a tank of gas and all I could think was, “Will I make it to a gas station (that had gas) and would I run out before getting up to the pump??” Well, I did and this is where the compassion I was telling you about comes in. I got my gas and while in line, I was watching people trying their best to be patient. Then I I saw how ugly it could get without a plan.


I parked my car and decided to pitch in and help the folks at The Shell Station on Old Redwood Highway. They had one person out there and it was becoming overwhelming for him. Once we got it turned around and got it moving in one direction, the amount of thank you's and smiles were enough to make anyone’s day! No fights, no arguments, just an understanding that we are all in this together. In other words, compassion.



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