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How to Prepare for Power Outages

Now that regular power outages are our "New Normal," I was thinking about what we need to do when the power goes out. The following are some little tips that you may not have thought about.


*If you have no power, your gas station doesn't either. I don’t know why I do it, maybe it’s the adrenaline rush of trying to make it to the gas station on fumes, but I have been known to drive on empty. Hey, that little red light means I still haven't hit bottom yet... right? But if the power goes out at your house, and you head to the gas station chances are that they won’t have any power either. No power equals no gas, so keep your tank full!


*If you have no power it will be dark at night. Yeah I know, "bright observation," but follow me. Every year you hear about people whose house burned down because of candles. My advice is to buy some solar yard lights, charge them outside and bring them in when the power goes out. Boom – all night lights and you can recharge them in the morning.


* Open your garage door, or at least figure out how to open it if you have no power. Go ahead and try it now. Close your eyes (remember it will be pitch dark) and feel your way to the garage door and try to get it open. Now you know why you need to open it before the power goes out. That thing is heavy.


Camping is an option. Head to the backyard, bring the tent and sleeping bag that you used three summers ago. With no air conditioning, your house will be hot at night, so head out at night for a cool night under the stars. By the way, don’t worry about your sprinklers, there's no power so they won’t be going on.


* Pumps work on electricity. If you are on well water and the power goes out, you won’t have any water. Only well people will appreciate this one.


Go to Friedman’s and get a couple of those Green buckets. Put all that emergency stuff you think you will need in the bucket and put it in the garage by the back door. It holds all your stuff and is both water and air tight.


Get an extension cord, because if your neighbor has a generator and their lights are on…with one connection to their outside plug, so are yours. They will never know.


* Go to the PG&E map of the places that will have power. Now look to see which of your friends or relatives lives in an area that has power. Drop by and tell them that it has been way too long and you just haven't spent enough time with them lately. “By the way, what’s for dinner?”


* Lastly GET SOME CONDOMS... Seriously. When the power goes out, we know what you are going to do to pass the time. Every time, there is a huge baby spike nine months later. So, if you don’t want another little bundle of joy in your life in about nine months, GET SOME CONDOMS!


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