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A 20/20 Vision of 2020

Did you know you are responsible for knowing new laws when they become official? Kind of a scary thought when you realize how many measures, bills, and amendments get pushed through the legal system throughout the year. Every state has a few laws that are curiously strange, and makes you wonder how they ever made it through the system and onto the books. Wisconsin has a law regarding the standard of cheese that it be “fine, highly pleasing, and free from undesirable flavors and odors.” It’s illegal to kill Bigfoot in Washington, especially since the state designated the beast as an endangered species. They’ll hang you out to dry if you prohibit clotheslines in Virginia. California is no exception to interesting new laws. In the Golden State, a person is allowed to possess any number of live frogs for frog-jumping contests.  But, if one of them dies, you are not allowed to eat it. Here in Sonoma County, some of the new laws are directly written after serious incidences. From the 2017 wild fires, caregivers can face enhanced civil penalties if they abandon the elderly in disasters. It is now illegal to smoke or dispose of cigar and cigarette waste in California State Parks.  And, most former inmates with felony convictions can serve on juries.  Each new law was initiated by a person with a passion. Perhaps during 2020, you’ll have a 20/20 vision of something you would like to see changed, protected, or abolished. And, there may be a majority of voters who would agree with you.

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