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I Never Lose at The Lottery

I never check my lottery numbers but I play every week. A couple of weeks ago a Sonoma County man won 5 Million dollars in the Lotto. 5 Million!


The story goes, that he bought a Scratcher from Gilberto and Raquel Campos, the owners of the Super Latino market on Sebastopol Road. He knew the minute it happened, but they found out when they saw the announcement on TV that someone had just won 5 million..... at their store!!


In July, someone won 45 grand at the Safeway on West College and just missed the big prize by 1 number. Ohhhh soo close!


Evidently both winners had the same retirement plan that I do. Win the Lottery, pay off all my bills and then spend the rest on a few minutes of health care. With that kind of winning, this close to home, you would think the first thing I would want to do is to check my numbers. Not me, not any more.


I found that when I buy a Lotto ticket I can dream of all the things I could do with the money – a new 2020 Corvette, bright yellow, with all the options, and convertible. This is California, they kick you out of the state if you are driving in the wine country and your top isn't down. I think of which one of my friends and family I could help by buying up all their home loans so they would never have to make a payment again. My biggest dream? If I win the Lottery, I would only carry 100 dollar bills and whenever I buy something, I would always say “Keep the change!”


The moment I buy a lottery ticket all of this is possible. I am imbued with hope and joy right up to the moment I slide that little ticket into the scanner and it says “Sorry Not a Winner.” Then, in a blink, I go from someone who could change the world to just another one of the millions and millions of ticket buyers whose 2 dollar dreams are tossed into the wastebasket.


So, I don't check my numbers. Because if I don't check my numbers, I can never lose. If I don't check my numbers, I am a potential millionaire for as long as I want to be. If I don't check my numbers I smile a little more, treat others a little nicer, even tip bigger because that ticket could be a gold mine in my pocket.


I know what you’re saying, “What if I actually do have the winning ticket?”

My answer is, “Hey, they'll find me.” You will hear it on the radio, you'll see it on the TV News – “someone who won the lottery hasn't come forward yet.” “Someone who bought a ticket doesn't know that he just won more money than he could spend in a lifetime and all he needs to do is to check his ticket.”


It happens all the time, and that too, makes me feel good. Knowing there are others, like me, who don't check their Lottery numbers because they don't want losing, to ruin their day.


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