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WHAT VALENTINE'S DAY IS ALL ABOUT...through the eyes of Deb.

The February 14th holiday we all know as Valentine’s Day, is almost here. Traditionally, it's a way for lovers to show their emotions, appreciation, desire for each other; mostly through flowers, jewelry, chocolates, and costly dinners. (oh yeah, and cheesy Hallmark greeting cards) UGH!


So, if you've been listening to KZST for a while, you know I dislike most holidays. But, not this one. This one is MINE! I own it!  And, no I'm not a sappy romantic; far from it. I just really like receiving the typical gifts on the "day of romance." I like the Valentine's Day "staples": jewelry, candy, etc. and now, after 13 years of marriage, I've learned "TO GO BIGGER!" And you can too. For Valentine's Day, ask for a weekend getaway to the coast or the city; tell him you like a spa day with girlfriends, or a shopping spree at the mall. My motto: ask and you shall receive. And, by the way...ladies, always make sure your Valentine spends more on you, than you do on him! 


With that said, if you are looking for a romantic holiday this year...here are a few unique suggestions: go back to the place where you first met! Do the same activities, and recreate how you fell in love. What about finding a NEW place to make memories?...somewhere neither one of you has ever been, like a trendy wine bar or restaurant? Do dress up, get glammed up for the big date, especially if you don't get a chance to do it that often. Put some time and effort into the night, and hope he does too!  And, finally, a homemade card is a nice touch. It's a more personal way to show how you feel, and it's in your own words. Just spending time with your special Valentine is key, and with the plans and ideas we've created, it should be a romantic holiday for you. One last thing to pass along: YOU MUST HAVE SEX on Valentine's Day/night. Obviously, it's a way to express love, but it also has many health benefits, like cardiovascular health. Duh!...(it will help you burn off all those calories from the damn box of chocolates he gave you earlier that day!)  HAPPY almost VALENTINES DAY, Sonoma County!

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