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What Happens as We Start to Transition

We asked the experts at Leap Solutions to provide us with some information about what happens as we start to transition work situations and what challenges are arising. Here are some things to consider.


Going back to work:

Each industry is faced with its own set of challenges for going back to work and we all know that many of the current methods to safe guard everyone will continue to be in place for some time:

  • Face masks
  • Temperature checking
  • Staying home if feeling sick
  • Handwashing
  • Social distancing
  • Changes in office space
  • Staggered shifts
  • Work from home
  • Additional office cleaning
  • Cleaning supplies available
  • Transportation to and from work (mass transit mainly)


Working from home:

This also brings its own set of challenges whereas the Tech Industry is probably the best positioned to succeed in a sustained way because they have been doing it for years.

  • Some industries just can’t do it
  • In-home office set up
  • Ergonomic issues
  • Additional costs to set up employees
  • The need to be face to face
  • Socialization
  • Productivity metrics have not always been solidified unless you are on a billable hour format or a piece rate format


Leading virtual teams:

  • Requires trust
  • Change in management thinking
  • Clear expectations
  • Requires individual approaches
  • Changing communication strategies
  • Loss of rituals
  • Need to create new rituals, fun and creativity
  • Understanding that constant communication interferes with actual productivity because worker will work in burst of time which may revolve around their home environment


Information overload and impact:

  • Newsletters
  • Lawyer feeds
  • Insurance feeds
  • Newspaper
  • News
  • Daily conferences
  • Town hall virtual meetings
  • Impacting people’s overall spirit in all industry


Top Questions from Employers

  1. I have employees who do not want to return to work.  Do we still need to pay for their benefits?
  2. With getting approved for the PPP I have some employees who want to stay on unemployment.  Do I need to bring everyone back even if I don’t’ have anything for them to do?
  3. An employee will be leaving the organization.  Can I hire her as a 1099 employee to do some work that was not part of her original job? 
  4. Do I have to pay out vacation balances for employees that I have furloughed?
  5. For my employees that have a reduced work schedule, are they eligible for unemployment?  How does the Work Sharing Program work?
  6. Can we use the PPP to pay an employee severance?
  7. We would like to bring two of our furloughed employees back part-time, maybe 10 hours a week. We are still paying their benefits. However, they are concerned that this might limit their unemployment benefits.  Could you give me some guidance as to how to answer this question?
  8. Do you have information on ergonomic requirements for working at home in a declared emergency?
  9. We would like to terminate an employee.  What should we use as the reason for termination and should we offer severance pay?
  10. We have a policy that allows employees to go into a negative balance.  Can employees pay back some of the time out of his weekly check so he can get back to zero faster?  Can I take it out of his final check if he quits? 
  11. Can you explain how the FFCRA applies to my employees?
  12. With employees on furlough or leave of absence, we are keeping them on benefits.  If we don’t have payroll for a few weeks can we ask them to pay back the missed amount once they return to work?
  13. What documentation do I need to furlough our employees?  What documentation do I need when recalling our employees?  What documentation do I need when employees refuse to return to work?


For more information about handling human resource and work conditions during Covid-19, contact Leap Solutions. LeapSolutions.com

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