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Flood Trash

Along the Russian River, the curbside debris collection program will come to an end this weekend. It was set to end today but ws given an extention through Sunday to pick up more of the flood damaged and destroyed items from homes and businesses affected by the floods a month ago. Hazardous household waste is being collected at Sunset Beach River Park. (photo courtesy Beth Schlanker The Press Democrat)

Homeless Health

The State is looking at Sonoma County's behavioral health services for the homeless, and asking why the enrollment numbers are not up to standards. According to the Press Democrat, the County's program is part of federally funded initiative focused on helping the homeless, and was awarded $16 million over 5 years, and is now under a corrective action plan to bring the numbers up. (photo courtesy

Contaminated Water

Governor Newsom revealed new details of his plans to charge water customers in the state a new tax to fund safe drinking water for disadvantaged communities. The Governor's plan is to charge water customers an extra amount ranging from 95 cents to $10 a month, and combine that with fees on animal farmers, dairies and fertilizer sellers, to raise $140 million a year that could be put toward testing wells, aiding public water systems and treating contaminated water (photo courtesy shutterstock)

Hwy 37 Closure

Highway 37 will be closed in both directions between Highway 121 and Mare Island near Vallejo from Saturday night to Sunday morning so emergency repairs can be made to a section of the roadway. Hwy 37 will close at 7 p.m. Saturday and reopen at 10 a.m. Sunday. (photo courtesy Pond5)

River Homeless

Russian River flood survivors will be given some financial help and housing assistance. Sonoma County officials approved short term financial help with a program that starts with $150,000, with a plan to evaluate the need for more. The money will be available about a week from now. (photo courtesy Sonoma County Saving Water Partnership)

Housing Extention

The program designed to provide affordable housing for those who lost their homes in the October 2017 wildfires has been extended. Congressmen Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman received approval from FEMA to extend The Direct Temporary Housing Program until Jul 10th for pre-disaster owners, and May 10th for pre-disaster renters. (photo courtesy

Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter is now officially the oldest living president in US history. As of today, Carter is 94 years, and 172 day old, a day older than George H W Bush was when he died last November. (photo courtesy

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