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Brent Alan

I am proud to be a 6th generation Sonoma County Native, I love our community. After studying communications at SRJC and Meteorology at Mississippi State University, my broadcasting career started in 1995 at KFTY TV50 in Santa Rosa. While serving as Chief Meteorologist, I also provided weather for KCBA Fox 35 and KION CBS 46 in Monterey/Salinas and KVIQ in Eureka and forecasted for KRON in San Francisco. While at TV50 I also hosted two weekly series, "Into the Millennium" and "Tech Watch". While still on TV, I started my radio career at KSRO in 2000, providing weather for the morning news with Jim Grady and David Westley Page. Over my 20-years with KSRO I also was the fill-in host of the Morning News and have provided private weather consulting services. After spending some time away from broadcasting, I am so excited to be part of the KZST family, I feel right at home. You can hear me mornings M-F delivering the news on KZST. When I am not preparing local news stories, you can find my wife and I roaming the fairways of Sonoma County.

Brent Farris

He was called a Radio God since the first day he grabbed a microphone with his strong, manly hands. With flowing golden locks and six pack abs, this Adonis body pales in comparison to the soothing sound of his voice that some say is a cross between Barry White and Andrea Bocelli..
"Uh Brent…"
"Yeah Deb."
"You do know that no one believes any of that stuff?"
"Really? "
"You have a brother and a sister, two kids, and a girlfriend who is way nicer than you deserve."
"But what about the Adonis part?"
"The six pack abs?"
"Okay, but the Barry White voice, that's real!"
"In who's world? Look, I will give it to you that you have been the number one DJ in Sonoma County for over 20 years. Tell you what, you answer a few questions... ready?...Your favorite band"
"The Beatles"
"Favorite food?"
"I love Mole', Lumpia, Molcajete, Kung Pao anything and Smoky southern BBQ."
"What do you eat for breakfast?"
"An English muffin and low cholesterol fake eggs nuked in the microwave at 4am."
"What car do you drive?"
“It used to be a hot rod 67 Camaro Convertible and now it’s a red convertible corvette."
"Do you play a musical instrument?"
"I am the greatest bass player in my garage with no one around, ever."
"Favorite place to live?"
"I have lived and visited almost every city in the world and still love Sonoma County, except for the pot holes and our inability to stop at a stop sign!"
"Best and worst day?"
“The worst day was October 10th 2017, the day my daughter called to tell me that her house was on fire. The best day was October 10th 2017 when we found out that we had only lost two houses but my dad, my daughter, my grandkids, my brother and his wife and my ex were all alive and safe."
“What do you want on your tombstone?"
"I don’t want a tombstone, I want my ashes mixed with concrete and made into a garden gnome of a cowboy riding a snail. So somewhere from the great beyond I will hear the words ‘mom... the dog is peeing on grand pa!’ “
"Anything else?"
"Did you at least believe the part about my manly hands?"

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Debbie Abrams

Debbie has been working in radio broadcasting for nearly thirty years, and has been employed in such places as Washington State and California, including the Oroville and Chico markets. She’s been on the air at KZST for more than twenty years. She holds two college degrees; in English from UCLA and Broadcast Journalism at Cal State Northridge. You can find her keeping Brent in line on The Brent Farris Morning Show, owning the airwaves on the Midday Show from 9am-2pm, and anchoring the afternoon news updates.

“I love my job and I love radio...because I love to talk! I love to entertain and I love to inform people about what’s going on; and most importantly, I love to give my opinion (except not in the news)!

It’s work, but I really feel like I am playing every day. That’s a fun side: the entertainment part; and there's a serious side: in an emergency, crisis situation, like a fire or flood. Either way we communicate with the masses and I feel like I make a difference.”

What makes Debbie unique? Where shall we begin? She is by far the most opinionated voice on the radio, besides Brent (but, she’s way less corny)! Debbie tends to be more edgy and push the boundaries a bit because the audience is used to her after all these years.

“I don't like the word "no." If anyone says that to me, I may not always listen.”

Debbie is married to Britt Cooper, a.k.a. "Banker Boy" and they have four children between them and reside in Windsor.

Debbie brings her authentic self to the airwaves and considers herself an acquired taste. “I’m like a glass of wine: the more you listen to me, the more you say, "Hey...she really does make sense. And that just makes my day!”

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Mike Adams

Mike Adams was born in New York not with a silver spoon in his mouth, but with a microphone in his hand. Mike and his family moved to Florida in 1969 and as Mike grew up, the passion for radio grew with him as well. Mike's first job in radio was in his home town of Ft. Pierce Florida. From there, Mike moved south to West Palm Beach, then to Ft. Myers, and then it was time for a road trip to Memphis Tennessee. Mike loves all types of music and has hung out with a lot of great artists from Pat Benatar, Kid Rock and while in Memphis, had a chance to play golf with Justin Timberlake. Mike loves it here in Wine Country and on his days off, if he's not on a golf course, he's cooking on the grill. You name it, he cooks it!

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Delilah Rene is an American radio personality, author, and songwriter, best known as the host of a nationally syndicated nightly U.S. radio song request and dedication program, with an estimated 8 million listeners. She first aired in the Seattle market as Delilah Rene, though she is now known mononymously as Delilah. Source: Wikipedia

Did you know: "Delilah" is the most listened to show at night in Sonoma County?

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Kim Hollaway

Kim began her education in radio at age 15, when she befriended a disc jockey and spent after school hours hanging around the radio station. She soaked up the business and decided that radio would be her future after high school. Kim moved to Portland, Oregon to earn a degree in radio and television and began her career in country music. She then took a job in California and moved into R&B music. Her next move was the best decision of her life - a move to Sonoma County and what would become and always will be home. Kim joined KZST in 1997 and considers the people at the station to be her second family. (You know how families are!)

When not working at KZST, Kim pours wine at a tasting room in Healdsburg and loves meeting people from all over the country and the world - people who love wine and Sonoma County. She is married to a structural engineer and between them have four boys, keeping her on her toes 24/7. You can find Kim on the golf course, in her home recording studio, pouring wine or painting. Other than her family, friends and community, being creative is what makes Kim the happiest. Kim signs off every radio day with, “from my heart to yours” and you can count on it!

Heather Irwin

Heather Irwin, food critic for the Press Democrat and Sonoma Magazine's BiteClub, talks food and restaurants with Brent every Thursday morning.

You can also hear Heather's takes on Sonoma County dining by clicking the BiteClub Podcast icon on the home page or by visiting www.pressdemocrat.com/biteclubpodcast.

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