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Brent Farris

He was called a Radio God since the first day he grabbed a microphone with his strong, manly hands. With flowing golden locks and six pack abs, this Adonis body pales in comparison to the soothing sound of his voice that some say is a cross between Barry White and Andrea Bocelli..
"Uh Brent…"
"Yeah Deb."
"You do know that no one believes any of that stuff?"
"Really? "
"You have a brother and a sister, two kids, and a girlfriend who is way nicer than you deserve."
"But what about the Adonis part?"
"The six pack abs?"
"Okay, but the Barry White voice, that's real!"
"In who's world? Look, I will give it to you that you have been the number one DJ in Sonoma County for over 20 years. Tell you what, you answer a few questions... ready?...Your favorite band"
"The Beatles"
"Favorite food?"
"I love Mole', Lumpia, Molcajete, Kung Pao anything and Smoky southern BBQ."
"What do you eat for breakfast?"
"An English muffin and low cholesterol fake eggs nuked in the microwave at 4am."
"What car do you drive?"
“It used to be a hot rod 67 Camaro Convertible and now it’s a red convertible corvette."
"Do you play a musical instrument?"
"I am the greatest bass player in my garage with no one around, ever."
"Favorite place to live?"
"I have lived and visited almost every city in the world and still love Sonoma County, except for the pot holes and our inability to stop at a stop sign!"
"Best and worst day?"
“The worst day was October 10th 2017, the day my daughter called to tell me that her house was on fire. The best day was October 10th 2017 when we found out that we had only lost two houses but my dad, my daughter, my grandkids, my brother and his wife and my ex were all alive and safe."
“What do you want on your tombstone?"
"I don’t want a tombstone, I want my ashes mixed with concrete and made into a garden gnome of a cowboy riding a snail. So somewhere from the great beyond I will hear the words ‘mom... the dog is peeing on grand pa!’ “
"Anything else?"
"Did you at least believe the part about my manly hands?"

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